Custom Processing

Conscious Living Cuisine offers customized poultry processing services for local Ontario farmers. Whatever the species and size of your flock, we can process it per your specifications.

Custom Poultry Processing Solutions For Farmers & Wholesalers

Conscious Living Cuisine is a small, family-run company with large scale, customizable processing capabilities.

Our approach to processing at our plant focuses on adding the most value possible to your product, and providing smart, customizable processing solutions.

Processing on Demand

The Conscious Living Cuisine plant offers custom processing opportunities to members of the CFO Artisanal and local Niche Market growers. We can process flocks as large as 10,000 and as small as 500.  Whether you're a quota holder or one of our niche or specialty farmers, our plant has the capabilities necessary to custom process your flock – on demand.

We offer processing services for all standard types of poultry, and we take care of all stages of the process. Our plant has specialized technology and systems for processing chicken, turkey, and duck, as well as various specialty birds. We also offer feet- and head-on processing options.

We perform custom processing solutions for antibiotic free, hormone free, free range and cage free flocks at our clean, state-of-the-art processing plant. Each bird is processed quickly and humanely, and thoroughly washed, chilled and inspected by our team.

Custom Processing FAQS

What do you mean by "custom poultry processing"?

There are two parts to this: First, our customizable systems can process flocks of almost any size. Secondly, we can process birds of various sizes and species as well. We also offer feet- and head-on processing options. Whatever the size or composition of your flock, we can process it on demand.

Why are you able to process birds that others can't?

Our lines are capable of processing flocks of various sizes and birds of various sizes and species as well. We also do hand processing. This means that each species of bird gets the treatment it needs for an efficient and humane slaughter.

What is the minimal size flock you can process?

We offer custom kill opportunities to members of the CFO Artisanal and local Niche Market growers. We currently cannot process flocks smaller than 500 birds.

How do you keep my birds separate from someone else’s?

Your birds will either be placed in crates or pens that you have labeled yourself, or organized and labeled by our team based on your instructions. Each farmer's birds are processed separately from other flocks, and when processing is complete, stored in designated ice chests. 

Are the birds humanely slaughtered?

Yes, our birds are humanely and efficiently slaughtered, and experience as little stress and pain as possible during all stages of the process. To learn more about our slaughtering practices, please contact us.

Are appointments necessary?

Yes, you must make an appointment to have your flock processed at our facility.

How far in advance should I make an appointment?

We typically schedule processing appointments between  3 - 4 weeks in advance. Contact us to book an appointment. 

What if I need certain birds kept separate from the rest of the flock?

We are happy to keep designated birds separate from the rest of your flock. Simply put them in a separate crate  upon arrival, and leave your instructions with that crate. 

When can I pick up my processed birds?

You can pick up your processed birds early in the evening on the day of processing. However, we can accommodate earlier or later pick up times; just let us know in advance.

How will my birds be packaged after processing?

That's up to you. We offer a full selection of packaging options, including bulk pack, single pack, bag, vacuum seal, and heat shrink. Just let us know what you'd prefer.

Do you offer shipping and distribution services?

Yes; we offer local, regional, provincial, national and international shipping options. We work closely with a network of reliable shipping companies that provide or offer a range of shipping options, including fresh and/or frozen delivery.

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